Obama Wins!!! (Ok, I realize I’m a Little Late With This)

I know it’s been about over a year since I posted and I apologize for my long absence (that is if anyone’s still checking up on this site), but I figured what better time to get back into blogging that following the celebrations of the end of the most contentious election in recent memory. I don’t even remember the Bush elections being like this.

If you all have been reading my previous posts, you know that I supported Obama, so I was definitely happy after the election. I know that not everyone who reads this page, i.e. mostly social liberals, are Obama supporters and that’s perfectly fine. I love the fact that this country allows us to voice our differing opinions freely. That’s one of the things that make this country so great. My only issue is with people who followed Romney blindly just because they wanted someone different in the White House. Different doesn’t mean better and quite frankly, Romney scared me. And I’m still not sure why he blatantly lied about things that were so easy to check. There were so many of them that Steve Benen from Political Animal actually had a weekly post of Romney’s lies. He did that for 30 weeks. There were 533 of them.

Anyway, we have more good news to report than just the Presidential election. There were four states with ballot initiatives involving same-sex marriage. Maryland, Washington and Maine had initiatives to legalize same-sex marriage and Minnesota had an initiative to ban same-sex marriage. I’m happy to report that Maryland, Washington and Maine all voted yes and Minnesota voted no. This is especially important because no marriage initiative has ever passed at the poll and we got all four in one election! It’s just more proof that this country’s views are evolving. We are very fortunate to live in a country where we’re allowed to have our separate opinions and be able to express them, but it is sad when some of those opinions are against equality to all.

Before I sign off for now, I actually wanted to mention one more thing. I saw a comment on Facebook a while back where someone asked, “What has Obama done for us?” and my response was a lot. I just wanted to share the link that I posted with me comment:


It looks like for the foreseeable future I will be limited to posting on weekends. I just wanted to let everyone know that so you don’t think I’ve forgotten you all.


I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I want to apologize to those who actually followed this blog for my prolonged absence. I had a lot going on this past year that I won’t go into, but I’m finally back on a regular schedule and I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be posting regularly in the future.

Just because I haven’t been around doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a lot going on in the world over the last year, so I will probably be back posting a few articles to catch up on everything that’s been happening up until the newest news, Obama’s re-election! On a side note, I’m already working on the election post which I hope to have up today or tomorrow and I was doing some research on a few of the lies that Romney told over the last year. I came across a couple of great sites that I want to share until I get all caught up.

Best blog ever: Romney the Liar

I love their tag line: Because There Are Liars, There Are Damned Liars, and Then There’s Mitt Romney


Also, most people are probably familiar with the Political Animal site, but Steve Benen wrote a weekly Friday article chronically Romney’s lies. This article has links to all 30 wks of posts.


Anyway, in closing, thank you all who hung with me throughout the year and here’s to a better year and more happy posts!